ECW/CCJ/JUD/07/10 The Registered Trustees of the
Socio-economic and Accountability Project (SERAP) v.
Nigeria & UBEC
In the Community Court of Justice of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
Holden at Abuja, Nigeria
This 30th day of November, 2010

The Registered Trustees of the Socio-Economic
Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) - Plaintiff

1. Federal Republic of Nigeria
2. Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) - Defendants

Before their Lordships
Hon. Justice Hansine N. Donli - Presiding
Hon. Justice Anthony A. Benin - Member
Hon. Justice Soumana D. Sidibe - Member
Assisted by Tony Anene-Maidoh Esq. - Chief Registrar

1. A. A. Mumuni Esq.
2. Sola Egbetinka Esq.

1. Yemi Pitan Esq.
2. Tolu Odupe Esq.
3. John Gaul Esq. (for the 2nd Defendant)


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