RULING PARTIES 1. The 1st plaintiff is the Registered Trustees of Avocat Sans Frontieres France; 2. The 2nd plaintiff is Thankgod Ebohs; 3. The 1st defendant is the Federal Republic of Nigeria; 4. The 2nd defendant is Edo State Government; 5. The 2nd Plaintiff, a Nigerian and a Community Citizen is among the people who are. on the death row in Nigeria having been sentenced to death by Tribunal constituted under the Military government in 1995. Without allowing the 2nd Plaintiff to exhaust his right of Appeal, the Defendants threatened to execute him pursuant to his conviction and sentence to death with all other persons on the death row in Nigeria. - 6. The Plaintiff contend that the 1st and 2nd Defendants' threat of execution of the 2nd ' Plaintiff while his case is reportedly pending on appeal is a violation of his Rights to life; to due process of law; access to justice and judicial independence; 7. The 2nd Plaintiff further contended that the Defendant's action violates the resolutions adopted by both the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Right and the UN General Assembly requiring countries to adopt Moratorium on . . execution of the Death penalty. - 8. The Resolution also asked AU Member States who still have capital punishment, including the Federal Republic of Nigeria to fully comply 2

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