3 By a letter dated the 15th of March, 2008 the Applicant appealed to the relevant authority for review of his dismissal. The Police authorities found that the dismissal of the Applicant was in blatant violation of his human rights as he was not afforded the opportunity to defend himself (see Annexure A). Notwithstanding the findings in Annexure A the Defendant refused to reinstate the Applicant and / or pay him his entitlements. By a letter dated 5th December, 2012 the Applicant, through his Counsel Tanner Legal Advisory petitioned, the ombudsman (Annexture B), who upon investigation wrote to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Defendant for comments and necessary action (Annexure C). In reply via a letter dated 23rd June 2013, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Police Council considered the Applicant’s dismissal and “decided that there was no justifiable ground to reverse the decision dismissing Mohammed El Tayyib Bah (the Applicant) from the Police Force”(Annexure D). It was also alleged that following the dismissal, the Applicant was ejected from his apartment in the Police quarters. He could not take care of his family which resulted in desertion by the wife (Mrs Ramatu Bah) and the death for his mother as a result of lack of medical attention. The Applicant could not secure an alternative employment, on account of his previous record of dismissal from service. The Applicant also alleged that he lost the parliamentary election contested by him in November, 2012 on account of the said dismissal, as his opponents informed the electorate that a dismissed Police Officer is unfit to rule. As a result of these acts of the Defendant, the Applicant has been subjected to psychological trauma since 1994 (the date of dismissal). Neither the Police authorities nor the Police council who reviewed his case gave him opportunity to make a representation when it considered his dismissal from the Force.

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