"Council" means the Council of Ministers of the Community established by Article 6 of
the Treaty;
"Executive Secretariat" means the Executive Secretariat established in accordance
with Article 8(1) of the Treaty;
"Executive Secretary" means the Executive Secretary of the Community appointed
under Article 8(2) of the Treaty;
"Court" means the Community Court of Justice established by Article 11of the Treaty;
"Member of the Court" or "Members of the Court" means a person or persons
appointed as judge or judges in accordance with the provisions of Article 3.2 of the
Article 2: Establishment of the Court
1. The Community Court of Justice established under Article 11 of the Treaty as the
principal legal organ of the Community shall be constituted and execute its functions
in accordance with the provisions of this Protocol.
Article 3: Composition
1. The Court shall be composed of independent judges selected and appointed by the
Authority from nationals of the Member States who are persons of high moral
character, and possess the qualification required in their respective countries for
appointment to the highest judicial officers, or are jurisconsults of recognised
competence in international law.
2. The Court shall consist of seven (7) members, no two of whom may be nationals of
the same State. The members of the Court shall elect a President and Vice
President from among their number who shall serve in that capacity for a term of
three (3) years.
3. A person who for the purposes of membership of the Court could be regarded as a
national of more than one Member State shall be deemed to be a national of the
one in which he ordinarily exercises civil and political rights.
4. The Members of the Court shall be appointed by the Authority and selected from a
list of persons nominated by Member States. No Member State shall nominate
more than two persons.
5. The Executive Secretary shall prepare a list in alphabetical order of all the persons
thus nominated which he shall forward to the Council.
6. The Authority shall appoint the Members of the Court from a shortlist of fourteen
persons proposed by the Council.
7. No person below the age of 40 years and above the age of 60 years shall be eligible
for appointment as a member of the Court. A member of the Court shall not be
eligible for reappointment after the age of 65 years.

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