REPRESENTATION TO THE PARTIES 1. Adekola Mustapha 2. A.A. Agoro 3. Matthew Echo 4. Adeola Adeniyi 5. Genevieve Nwoye } For the Applicants } For the Respondents JUDGMENT OF THE COURT Parties 1. The Applicants’ are Nigerian Citizens, predominantly Muslims and mostly Hausa/Fulani who have been living in the Southern part of Kaduna State of Nigeria from time immemorial and can trace their ancestors to about 1810 AD. They are community citizens within the definition. 2. The 1st Respondent is the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a Member State of the ECOWAS and signatory to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and other international human rights instruments. The 2nd Respondent is the Chief Law Officer of the Federation of Nigeria. 3. Summary of the Facts Applicants’ Case 4. The Applicants filed this application against the Respondents for the violation of their rights to life, right to sanity and integrity of human person, right to equal protection under the law and the violation of their rights to basic enjoyment of economic and social rights guaranteed under the African Charter and other international human rights instruments. The case of the Applicants is that the run up to the 2011 general elections brought about ominous signs of danger in the polity in which various heads of security agencies assured citizens of their safety and protection. In the midst of this menace, various uncompromising utterances, messages of hate and disunity were said to have been made by indigenous Christian youths of the Community which include statements like: “we shall free our land from Islam”, “this land belongs to Jesus”. There were also information posted on the face 2

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