The Court composed of: Sophia A. B. AKUFFO, Gérard NIYUNGEKO, N. THOMPSON, Kimelabalou President; Bernard M. NGOEPE, Fatsah OUGUERGOUZ, Sylvain ORE, El Hadji In accordance Duncan TAMBALA, GUISSE, ABA, Judges; and Robert ENO, Vice President; Ben KIOKO Elsie and Registrar. with Article 22 of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Establishment of an African Court on Human and and Peoples’ Rule 8 (2) of the Rights (hereinafter referred to as the “Protocol”) Rules of Court (hereinafter referred “Rules’), Judge Augustino S. L. RAMADHANI, to as Member of the Court and a national of Tanzania, did not hear the Application. In the matter of: Reverend Christopher R. Mtikila, represented by: - Mr Setondji Roland Adjovi, Counsel - Mr Charles Adeogun-Phillips, Counsel - Mr Francis Dako, Counsel — NE The United Republic of Tanzania, represented by: wr 1 ae @_ the me t- § S al

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