The Applicant is Prof. (Engr.) Joseph Adelegan a former employee of the
Respondent. The Respondent is ECOWAS Bank for Investment and
Development is an institution created by the new Article 21 of the Revised
Treaty of ECOWAS as amended by the Supplementary Act No.
A/SA.9/01/07 of 19 January, 2007.
Subject Matter of the Proceedings
The Applicant’s claim is for the alleged non-compliance by the Respondent
with provisions of its Staff Rules and Regulations in the recruitment
exercise conducted to fill the vacant position of Director, Public Sector
Operations of the Defendant. The Applicant claimed to have applied for the
position but was wrongfully terminated by the Respondent when he
protested that the said recruitment exercise was riddled with anomalies.
The Applicant’s Claim
The Applicant submits that he is a professor of Civil and Structural
Engineering, in the employment of the Respondent as the Head,
Environment and Sustainable Development Unit. He was appointed by way
of letter dated 8th October, 2012 and was subsequently confirmed by a
letter dated 1st April, 2015 as a permanent staff. That the conferment of the
permanent staff status on him was on the basis of his yearly performance,
professional knowledge, self-management, communication skills, creativity
and innovation, interpersonal relations, team spirit and orientation on
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