For these reasons
In a public sitting, after hearing both sides, in first and last resort, in a
matter concerning human rights violation,
As to Formal Presentation,
- Declares the application by Boureima Sidi Cisse admissible, only
as it concerns him.
- Adjudges that having no with no mandate to represent the other
co- Applicants, the request for what concerns them does not
comply with the relevant provisions of the texts relating to the
Court, consequently;
- Declares the application on behalf of the other Applicants
As to merit
- Adjudges that Boureima Cisse's right to security has been
.· -· · . ·: "_,, ,.,, .
,- .·
- That the State of Mali has violated the right to protection of the
Applicant , as well as his right to security of his person and the
safety of his property has been violated

- Adjudges also that his right to justice and to have his case heard
within a reasonable time was violated.
- Consequently, order the reparation of these violations
- However, adjudge that being that the Court does not obviously
have elements of assessment to assess all damages suffered by the
Applicant, inter alia, that in the absence of criteria for determining
the pecuniary damage, the Court arbitrating the moral and
psychological damages suffered for over 15 years by the Applicant
awards him the sum of 15 million CFA, all causes of damages.

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