JUDGMENT 1. On 15 May 2006, Moussa Leo Kena, a retired civil servant whose address is BP 757, Bamako Mali, filed an Application at the Court of Justice of ECOWAS. The Application was registered at the Regishy of the Court on 12 July 2006. 2. This Application was accompanied by the following exhibits: • An extract from the 11 May 1969 issue of the Washington Post newspaper containing some specimens of artefacts belonging to the Applicant and an evaluation of the mtefacts as done by James M. Silbe1man, valued at $65,960. • Ce1tification No. 9/Dir.R/MN dated 24 November 1972, from the National Museum of Mali relating to the collection of artefacts in the custody of Moussa Leo Ke'ita. • A letter from Moussa Leo Ke'ita dated 4 September 1972, addressed to Mali's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation; another, dated 9 Janumy 1978 addressed to the same Authority; and then that of 3 August 1989, for the same purposes. 1brough these letters, the Applicant sought to reclaim his collection of artefacts. 3. The Application as well as the exhibits accompanying it was served on the Secretariat of the Directorate General of the State Depmtment for Disputes on 11 September 2006, by the Chambers of Diawoye Kante Esq., a Court Bailiff at Bamako. 4. Through this Application, Moussa Leo Ke'ita set out his submissions that he was the owner of a collection of mtefacts from his country, which he exhibited at the Embassy of Mali, to make Mali more known to the Americans at the time he was representing his country as Ambassador Extraordinary Plenipotentiary from 1965 -- to · 1969. -According to -the Applicant, - the collection -contairied 110 arlfoles·--originating from all the regions of Mali. These artefacts were evaluated in 1965 at 65,960 US Dollars by an expe1t known as Silbennan of the Smithsanian Institute, USA. 5, Posted to Egypt in 1969 in the same capacity, he had to leave his materials at the Embassy. In 1972, he demanded these materials, but was met with a refusal from the Govemment of Mali, the latter challenging the ownership of the materials. 2 Downloaded from worldcourts.com. Use is subject to terms and conditions. See worldcourts.com/terms.htm

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