I – The parties and their representation
By initiating Application filed at the Registry of the
ECOWAS Court of Justice on 3 March 2017, Mrs. Nazaré
Gomes de Pina, living at 13 place des Dahlias Carrières
sous Poissy (France), and whose Counsels are Barrister
Assane Dioma Ndiaye, Lawyer registered with the Bar in
Senegal and Barrister Abdoulaye Tine, Lawyer registered
with the Bar in Paris, came before the Court with a human
right violation case against the Republic of Guinea Bissau,
an ECOWAS Community Member State, which is
represented in the instant procedure by its Minister of
Justice, and the General Prosecutor of the State.
II – Summary of the facts and procedure
Mrs. Nazaré Gomes de Pina averred that her husband Joao
Bernado Vieira was elected the President of Guinea Bissau
in October 2008. As from the month of November 2008,
following the victory of Carlos Gomes Junior at the
Legislative Polls, some soldiers who mutinied tried to kill
him, by firing at his official residence with heavy artillery.
It was during one of these attempt that President Vieira
was finally killed on 2March 2009, when an attack was
lunched in his official residence by soldiers, who, after
killing him with automatic rifle, decapitated his corpse with
Plaintiff/Applicant further stated that since these tragic
events occurred, the political authorities that came to
power in succession have not showed any will to shed light
on these happenings. It was sequel to this situation that
she decided to come before the ECOWAS Court of Justice.
By Application filed at the Registry of the Court on 8
September 2017, Eden Jaoa Gomes de Pina Viera, Joao

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