It is on account of these facts that the Applicants sought the following reliefs from
the Court:

A Declaration, that the actions of The Republic of

Gambia ( the

Defendant in this case) in enforcing the statutory provisions that are

of this application more particularly Sections 51, 52, 52A,
180, 181 and 181 A of the Criminal Code Cap

10°01 of 2009

and S. 173A of the Information and Communications (Amendment)
Act of 2013, by means of detaining, arresting , charging, trying and /or

convicting the 2", 3" and

4" Applicants and causing them physical,

psychological, emotional and reputational injury and thus forcing them
to live in exile outside the Gambia, is in violation of the Applicants

rights under


law, namely,


right to receive

information and express and disseminate opinion under Articles 9 (1)
and 9 (2) of the African Charter on Human

and Peoples’


freedom of expression under Article 19(2) of the ICPRC, the right of

journalists under Article 66(2) of the Revised ECOWAS

Treaty. the

right to liberty and security under Article 6 of the African Charter and
Article 9(1) of the ICCPR and the right of Gambian Citizens to return

to Gambia under Article 12 (2) of the African Charter and Article 12(4)
of the ICCPR.

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